Thursday, March 14, 2013

What we've been Tweeting

"This is not Dick Cheney we're talking about here" - President Drone Strike convinced of his own infallible benevolence.

1. What did Dick Cheney have to do with drones, again? 2. We need to come up with the liberal equivalent of Godwin's law whereby the longer a conversation extends, the more likely a Dick Cheney comparison/reference will be made.

That statement by the President to Jay Rockefeller (D-WV) looking for some answers with respect to the President's own drone program proves the man still rents space in liberals' heads.

Statist logic: building a pipeline won't create jobs but food stamps will.

Don't believe us? Over the years, we've had fun documenting how much folks believe food stamps are an economic stimulant with multiplier effects and what not when we thought the whole idea was to get people off food stamps. How silly of us.

Dear, East Coast, get ready for some West Coast hoptasticness.

San Diego's very own Green Flash brewery will soon be breaking ground for their brewery in San Diego East, Virginia Beach, Va.

"Americans are huddled together next to their dead friends under the blue plastic." #North Korea

"Americans drink coffee made of snow. The warm snow is nice."

"There are no birds (in America) save for these in the trees. They will be eaten on Tuesday. They are yummy."

A series of tweets linking to an epic Soviet-style propaganda video from the Norks lamenting the deplorable state of living in America.

Surpise... #Sequester won't interrupt collection of #ObamaCare taxes

#Benghazi was such a big fat nothingburger that no one has yet been able to speak to the survivors.

In that respect, we have been able to learn as much about Benghazi from those who survived the terror attack as we have from Ambassador Christopher Stevens. Ridiculous.

And speaking of Godwin's law...

Terrific... Aussies go full #Godwin

Pro tip: when confronted with a question about Hitler or Nazi Germany just run away as fast as humanly possible. There is nothing good that will come of it.

To quote a famous military leader who would know...

Yep. Gun violence still only a problem when it's just white kids getting shot up.

Three words: Adam. Corolla. Rant.

WTF is Algore doing at #SXSW. Oh crap, that's right: Wonder Bread-white, liberal, skinny jean confab. His people.

Dirty oil money-besotted Al Gore was at the music festival to attack NRA as "fraud". There are some things you just can't make up and this would be one of them.

OK, that's enought social media navel-gazing for today. We'll probably take tomorrow off but be back Saturday. Hope to see you then.


drozz said...

Virginia Beach is SD East?

Been to both and I don't see the parallel.

But I'll gladly accept another Green Flash Brewery in this world.

Anonymous said...

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Dean said...

Our 2 largest Navy towns that also have a thriving tourist industry. A throw-away comparison perhaps but no harm, no foul, so I went with it.

drozz said...

didn't think of it that way.

i'll allow it.