Monday, June 3, 2013

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Something nice and mellow to ease our way into the work week...

We've been getting a kick out of the general freak-out on the liberal-Left regarding the potential sale of the L.A. Times and other Tribune Company properties to the bogeyman Koch Brothers.

Surely the protesters gathered in front of the Times offices in downtown L.A. know that the Brothers Koch want to decriminalize drugs and fully support gay marriage. Surely. sent a crew down there to interview these folks:

"Um, I believe that regardless of their views, it’s not what the general populace needs."

You will note that this whole concept of free speech and freedom of the press is a rather one-way street.

We are not entirely dis-interested parties in these developments. The L.A. Times was a staple in our household while growing up. In fact, we basically learned how to read by reading Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist, Jim Murray’s work every Tuesday and Friday in the sports section.

The local newsstand here in San Diego stopped carrying the paper a few years ago and our folks dropped their subscription about 8 years ago as they believed, correctly so, their editorial bias was leaking over to their front section straight news items (one or two anti-Bush and or anti-Iraq war pieces could be reliably counted on appearing on the front page of their big Sunday edition during this time under the guise of “News Analysis”).

The print media industry has been in free fall for years (the Times has been operating under bankruptcy now for the past 3 or so years) so we are not going to necessarily blame their woes upon perceived bias alone but c’mon Angelenos… shake things up a bit and save your damn newspaper by embracing all that shadowy money from a couple of dudes whose social politics are somewhere to the left of the President’s.


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