Thursday, December 26, 2013

Video clip of the day

. presents their 5th annual year-end Nanny of the Year:

We're it not for term limits, one could probably safely retire this award with Bloomy. Unfortunately, just because he will no longer be mayor of NYC, doesn't mean he won't be around to nag after people as his hilariously ineffective and expensive Mayors Against Illegal Guns (MAIG) has proven.

And while we can perhaps sympathize with the plight of Ms. Berry and others in wanting to protect their children, the results of this legislation will create special protections for a separate class of people. This is undemocratic (and is why we are fiercely opposed to hate crime laws which is a story for another time), ergo, we are against it. Besides, who is going to come up with the legal definition of “celebrity” by which people can be prosecuted? The potential vagaries and potential for abuse (no pictures of pols’ kids?) makes this a complete non-starter in our book.

Our vote, however, is with cigarette boy up there in Oregon. The de-normalizing of smoking and smokers continues apace and as Mayor Bloomy has amply demonstrated, once you start criminalizing cigarettes, it’s an easy path to trans-fats, salt or any another item a petty tyrant finds personally distasteful.

With that goes a Holiday message to Nannies all across the fruited plain of this beautiful country of ours:

“Quit banning s**t we like!”

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MaxedOut said...

I would also like to nominate San Francisco Supervisor Eric Mar for hating on Batkid, as well as for prior transgressions. See: