Thursday, July 11, 2013

Video clip of the day

We’ve noted many times over the years, the selective outrage of progressives whereby when civil rights abuses that had their collective heads exploding during the Bush years is met with absolute silence when those same (and more) civil rights abuses are doubled-down upon during this current Presidency.

Our buddy “JD” (follow him on Twitter @PSUDrozz) took the differing reactions as tacit approval of the current President’s actions noting that the “outrage’’ directed at Bush wasn’t genuine and merely represented jealousy.

We have found no better example of this than the President’s contention that he has the right to kill American citizens overseas without any real cause, due process or oversight. The very people who flipped out over the fact we waterboarded 3 people are pretty OK with the fact that this administration has wacked the same number of people including the innocent teenage son of the dead-by-drone Anwar al-Awlaki.

People, perhaps blissfully unaware that they live in a constitutional republic, allayed our fears by telling us these un-constitutional powers wielded by the President were fine because they simply trusted President Obama on the matter.

Never mind what the next person who occupies the Oval Office and who, obviously, will be of less a magnanimous and saintly character than Barack H. Obama and what that person will do with these powers.

Blogger Mark Dice goes to the beach and meets with great success a petition supporting President Obama’s efforts to repeal the Bill of Rights. Statists/Progressives running amok or simply low information voters swayed by Dice’s oratory persuasiveness? Either way, it’s pretty depressing.

We like to think the "sell" was made that much easier by mentioning the name of a person who despite his wretched policies, remains very personally popular.


drozz said...

Dice really hit on something here. I should hope there are more videos like this to come.

My petition?

"We need a Ministry of Truth that will parse the various news releases in this country and decide which news stories are credible. We propose Dick Durban be unilaterally appointed by President Obama to head this post."

Also add something about this needs to be done fast, people are dying, etc.

Hey, thanks for the shoutout!!

drozz said...

maybe another video about abolishing private schools.

all schools should be run by the state and use only state approved textbooks and state appoved reading lists...

K T Cat said...

That abolishing private schools crack isn't funny, it's darkly predictive.

Viva Cristo Rey.