Wednesday, July 24, 2013

What we and others have been Tweeting

You heard the news: Detroit filed for bankruptcy.

Death by 50-60 years of the same bankrupt governing ideology proves only that Detroit was tougher and more resilient than most people thought.

Of course, that assessment doesn't set well with some people.

And do you know what yesterday was?

The show will go on but without military aircraft.

For those of you whining about gridlock in D.C., you'd be pleased to know this effort to weaponize people who want to slaughter us has been a bipartisan affair. Happy?

Having failed to get any of the four major sports leagues to shill for ObamaCare, Team O is turning to Hollywood. Of course, they are.

Of course, we can play the whole class envy/class warfare game too.

On the ripple effect of the media-government hanging party's treatment of George Zimmerman.

Department of Justice behaving pretty much as you would expect under the miserable hack that is Eric Holder.

Best Tweet on the new Royal bambino:

Second best...

Third best...

And then there is this:

Truer words have never been spoken. We (heart).... absolutely (heart) gridlock. You're welcome.

OK, gang, that's it for now.


Kent Riehm said...

Me too, love the gridlock. Nothing gets done including raising taxes and nanny laws!

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