Saturday, August 3, 2013


A couple of weeks back, the President admonished us little people not to get distracted by what he termed “phony scandals.” We were wondering just which phony scandal he was wishing we should just drop from our collective radar screens.

Since the IRS admitted that they were targeting and bureaucratically harassing conservative and tea party groups and the decision-making point to do this keeps moving higher and higher up the food chain, we kind of think this still qualifies as scandalous in nature.

How about the NSA data-vacuuming operation? Over the past few weeks, Americans have learned the FISA court that is responsible for approving wire-tapping and snooping in general of overseas phonecalls to suspected bad actors is nothing more than a rubber stamp for monitoring in-country communication between U.S. citizens suspected of zero wrongdoing. And the person who blew the lid on this whole thing, Edward Snowden, has sought and has been granted temporary asylum in Russia. No, that certainly is no mere distraction.

Then you have the Department of Justice snooping on 20 Associated Press reporters and snooping on and naming Fox News reporter, James Rosen, as an unindicted co-conspirator in two separate government leak investigations. The miserable hack that runs the Justice Department who most likely perjured himself in earlier Congressional testimony by saying Justice did not participate in such activities, recently claimed he felt really, really bad about all this. Bullshit. He feels really, really bad that his agency got caught doing it. It’s kind of tough to see how this qualifies as phony.

Which of course brings us to Benghazi and the absolute clusterfark the actions on the ground were on 9/11/2012 and the resulting clusterfark to cover up just what happened and why it happened including the laughable assertion that the coordinated assault was actually a random demonstration fueled by a crappy Youtube video trailer, the maker of which is rotting away in jail right now.

On Thursday, CNN dropped the bombshell that the CIA was intimidating their own people who happened to be in Benghazi on the night of the attack into silence.

"You don't jeopardize yourself, you jeopardize your family as well."

And just what were upwards of 35 CIA operatives doing on the ground in Benghazi? Community organizing? We find it rather hard to believe people are shocked that the CIA may have been providing weapons to the Libyan rebels when the New York Times was reporting out on such activities as far back as December of last year.

And check out this 4+ minute video below where we learn that not only has the CIA been thugging their own people into silence they have turned into a witness protection and relocation agency as well.

So, in closing, we implore the President to help us out and be specific with respect to just which one of these scandals is the phony one so our betters there in D.C. can get back to, you know, doing the business of the people.

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They are above the law you peon. Stop questioning President Barack H. Obama!!!!