Thursday, August 29, 2013

What we and others have been tweeting

Some humor and miscellany to start things off:

Seriously, check this out:

Ethanol back in the news:

Mark Steyn proving, once again, that he is one of the best:

Gotta click and read. Restore-faith-in-humanity stuff:

The Jets are a mess but you knew that already, right?

Follow this guy:

We want to be shocked or amazed but we're not... they're simply hypocrites:

We know how this will play out...


And most people aren't really too stoked about it:

Miley Cyrus happened...

Dude who buys guns and ammo for DHS is a militant racist homophobe, so guess what?

Back to Syria:

The North Korean regime executed Kim Jong Un's former girlfriend and 12 members of a couple of musical groups. They were accused of selling pornos of themselves and some apparently were found with Bibles on them. One person was executed via a mortar round. Charmed, we're sure.

Slate writer: You're a bad person if you send your kid to public school:

Just one for that hack-fest that was the 50th anniversary commemoration of MLK's "I have a dream speech". What a shame:

We're out. Thanks for reading.

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K T Cat said...

I, for one, enjoyed them all.