Monday, March 5, 2012

Back to the issue at hand


Yes, Rush did a bad, bad thing as he has apologized for calling Sandra Fluke, the 30 year-old Georgetown University birth control activist who wants to be paid for having sex, a "slut" and later on a "prostitute" (by the by, liberal Kirsten Powers wants to know when prominent lib-talkers are going to apologize to the conservative women they have smeared).

Rush screwed up two-fold: first, by allowing the statist-left to use slut-gate? as a distraction from the real liberty interest issue that it is and secondly, despite affirming testimomy given by Ms. Fluke herself, it's never gentlemanly to call someone a "slut" in polite and/or public company.

Here's B-Daddy who's sick and tired, himself, of slut-gate:

Its been quite the brouhaha over the matter, with the Democrats yelling stupid talking points like: it prevents abortions and reproductive rights; and too many Republican uttering the nonsense that the government is paying for birth control. Lost in the shuffle is why the heck can't insurance companies offer a mix of coverage that their customers might actually want. My local grocery store recently added arugula to its vegetable line up; but under the Democrats argument, if Michele Obama urged the Secretary of HHS that this was a great idea, every supermarket would have carry the vegetable. And under the mandate theory of interstate commerce, nothing prevents Washington DC from dictating every single economic choice Americans make.

This is why I turn off the TV every time I hear bloviation on this subject; everyone is missing the point. It's the freedom, stupid.

He's exactly right. We want our health insurance plans to look like a combination of our auto insurance and a Chinese menu where we have a wide range of options of what we would or would not like coverage. Having to pay out of pocket for healthcare items as you would tires, oil changes and routine maintenance incentivizes healthy dietary, medical and lifestyle choices. That's how you bend downward the healthcare cost curve not buying some random person in your risk pool the pill.

And totally related, there is this:

The irony is that a federal mandate for contraception coverage renders women’s personal sexual choices a matter for public debate. The folks plucking sex out of the private sphere in this situation are the mandate supporters, not its opponents.

For years, haven't we been lectured by feminists and liberals at large about matters of the bedroom staying in the bedroom, how it's none of our business and for the government keeping its laws off our body?

Now ain't that a turn?: We have a leftist activist, in public, describing how much sex she has to the point that its breaking her and that is why she wants us to pay for it. Sorry, Ms. Fluke, since we are now paying for your birth control, your sex life now is our business. Congratulations for turning 4 or 5 decades of American liberal doxology on its head.

Just chalk this up to another pratfall of ObamaCare: since it will minimize personal responsibility and "skin in the game", no one's business will truly be their own.

Exit question: The creepy little misogynist, Bill Maher, just gave one of Obama's super PACs one million dollars. Being one of the biggest offenders in the Powers' piece linked above, will the President give that money back?


Anonymous said...

This tempest–in-a-teapot reminds of the old Churchill gag, “Madame, we have established what you are. Now we are just dickering on price.” Dad

Dean said...

Ha! I remember that one.

SarahB said...

I think they thought they could make this last till Nov...instead it peaked too soon. I think this is a backfire.

K T Cat said...

Why did Rush have to apologize? Had Ms. Fluke lived in East St. Louis with three kids by three different men, would the reaction have been different?

Harrison said...

Powers is waking up, let's hope others join her.

I think Rush did it on purpose.

K T Cat said...

"Slut" protects the poor. Edwards love child will do just fine. Latisha's in Benton Harbor is pretty much screwed. Social opprobrium acts as a braking system on behaviors that damage the poor disproportionately.

K T Cat said...

I meant John Edwards in case it wasn't clear.

Dean said...

Got the Edwards reference but who the heck is Latisha? ;)

Forget "slut", our big-hearted social safety net protects the poor. There is simply not enough of a disincentive for anti-social behavior.

K T Cat said...

Dean, the social safety net days are almost over. That's the message from Greece. We spent two generations convincing the poor they could live like Ted Kennedy. Now that they've bought into it completely, they're about to get a 2x4 across the head in the form of either huge budget cuts or big time inflation.

We had compassion.