Saturday, March 3, 2012

Not so random thought of the day


So, let's get this straight: the keep-your-laws-off-my body set that went on apparent hiatus during the ObamaCare debate has come back with a vengence to oppose a Virginia bill that would required pre-abortion ultra-sounds with exceptions made for rape*.

The full-throated sound and fury from the left suggested something else was at work here. Was it specifically the ultrasound they were objecting to or was this spirited pushback against the bill a result of the left not wanting the public to ponder what really is the end product of abortion clinics... dead babies?

* Being keep-your-laws-off-my-body types ourselves, it's doubtful we would've voted for this bill.


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Foxfier said...

They already have to do ultrasounds to make sure the baby is in the womb, not a Fallopian tube.

So it's a "you have to offer all the information you have to the woman before you sell her the abortion" law.