Monday, March 5, 2012

Video clip of the day

. presents their Nanny of the Month:



Club drugs? Worth considering. Massage licenses? Possibly. Notifying the public that you are air-brushing your advertisements? Definetely.

We're sure you have noticed that the still of Ms. Hobbs bares scant resemblance to the live action footage of her. That is, perhaps, something she should have informed us about.



drozz said...

so logically, most movies in the love story genre should contain the disclaimer "this shit never happens".

SarahB said...

omg...all this is going to do is drive media to use younger and younger models...making little girls think they only have value until they are 21. Cause liberal tinkering never, ever causes new problems with their solutions.

Road Dawg said...

I can't believe no one can compare this to the burger we see on TV and what we really recieve. I was in Denny's and sent a Reuben back....jeesh it wasn't even close to the photo on the menu. I probably had it returned with a little saliva, but at least it looked like the photo.