Saturday, January 12, 2013

Video clip of the day


Good thing about these slaughters in Newtown, CT, is that it allows for a cottage industry of sorts for disgraced former tabloid hacks from across the pond to make an otherwise unheard of name for themselves on American cable television.

After having conspiracy crank, Alex Jones, on his show two nights before, CNN’s Piers Morgan invited Breitbart’s Ben Shapiro on to his show and to say that Shapiro’s precise, on-point messaging owned Morgan might be a bit of an understatement.

(video approx. 14 minutes long)

When Morgan asks Shapiro what purpose there is for the 2nd amendment to preserve the right for citizens to own assault rifles, Shapiro rightly responds that it is for protection against a tyrannical government (as demonstrated by democracies going bad in Germany and Italy last century).

When Morgan responds in incredulity, as in, what do you have to fear about your government, Shapiro missed by not bringing up the fact that our very own government has the power to detain indefinitely its own citizens without cause and the power to kill its citizens overseas without traditional due judicial process.

Overall, though, an outstanding performance by Shapiro that illustrates the emotionalism and polemics of gun-control advocates versus the reasoned approach employed by defenders of the 2nd amendment.



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