Sunday, January 27, 2013

Video clip of the day


Are state and city budget cuts framing the gun control debate in a different light?

If so, then Milwaukee County Sheriff, David Clarke has some ideas.

Just a reminder to the gun control folks out there that the 2nd amendment wasn't about hunting and recreation.

And a quick aside to our lefty friends: If you likened Bush to Hitler and the right wing as a whole to a bunch of fascists, wouldn't you want the ability to defend yourself against that imminent threat?

Of course, it was just all cheap hypocrtical political grandstanding that did nothing to elevate the discourse of the debate back then which helps explain why the gun control types are getting their asses kicked in the debate today.


(H/T: Hot Air)

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SarahB said...

First Brides Maids and now this? Who knew Milwaukee was so happening...putting visit on to-do list.