Thursday, January 17, 2013

What have we been Tweeting?


We took a couple of days off but are back at it and hopefully back at it with a little more frequency and consistency. So, what were we tweeting?

#GunControlExecutiveOrders #LanceArmstrong #MantiTeo #Mali #Algeria Easily the most bizarre 24 hr. news cycle (we’ve) ever witnessed.

And perhaps more specific to Lance Armstrong, Manti Te'o and other fallen heroes:

If society cannot provide benefits for joining it, its members may no longer feel bound to follow its rules

That was a pull quote from the linked article above. Line is a tad ham-fisted and mealy-mouthed but the article fleshes out the concept quite well.

And how bizarre have the past 24-36 hrs. been? It got to us in our sleep.

At a presser surrounded by children announcing a background check for my fake dead girlfriend who had admitted to doping. #whatadream

And with respect to yet more executive orders signed by the President yesterday:

Apparently all that righteous indignation regarding executive orders oh, 6 or 7 years ago, came with an expiration date. #liberals #Bush

Yes, some of us have been paying attention...

Under current law, the courts and Congress are involved when Presidents eavesdrop on Americans but not when they kill them.

And in the same vein:

Man seeking stricter gun control laws for Americans has power to kill those same Americans.

OK, as we said, we hope to get back to blogging on a more consistent and frequent basis.


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