Sunday, January 26, 2014

Can we please talk about the last guy?


They blamed the Benghazi attack on a crappy Youtube video trailer and then threw the guy who made it in jail after frog-marching him blind-folded from his home in the dead of night, “escorted” by a gaggle of L.A. county sheriff deputies.
They later recanted this lie but the damage had been done. 4 dead brave Americans, a schlep left to rot in jail, whom to date, remains the only person the administration has “held accountable” for this disaster.

Author and filmmaker of a book and corresponding movie critical of this regime and which was the 2nd most successful political movie of all-time is indicted on the charge of illegal campaign contributions.

Looks like the regime will soon have two filmmakers behind bars.

Conservative guerilla videographer, James O'Keefe, is accusing the Cuomo administration of harrassing his group by seeking subpoenas of his group's documents. Cuomo recently stated that conservative viewpoints were not welcome in New York state.

Do I hear three?

President Dronestrike has himself a kill list which he once claimed he could use against civilians here on American soil until he was called out on it by Rand Paul and Ted Cruz after which Attorney General, Eric Holder feebly contended that maybe, kinda, pinky-swear sorta the President does not hold such powers.

President Dronestrike makes a laughably pathetic speech on the NSA reforms he claims he is going to implement which will do nothing to fundamentally alter the warrantless gathering of the private data of U.S. citizens. Subsequent to that, an independent oversight panel found that the NSA data sweeps have been illegal and should end immediately. The White House, of course, rejects these finding.

The Justice Department that spied on 20 AP journalists and Fox News Reporter James Rosen in separate incidents is being investigated by… the head of the Justice Department, that worthless hack, Eric Holder.

And holding form, James Clapper, the Director of National Intelligence who repeatedly lied to Congress about the scope and depth of the NSA domestic spying program will be investigated by, you guessed it, James Clapper.

Targeting and harassment of conservative groups by the enforcement wing of the Democratic Party, the IRS...? They’re on it. At least they brought in a completely unbiased 3rd party to do this investigation… an Obama campaign donor.

But please tell us again about waterboarding and the firing of District Attorneys.

The chump in the Oval Office makes Richard Nixon look like a rank amateur.


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