Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Video clip of the day


Recruiting celebrities for your pet cause:

Pro: name recognition which isn’t to be confused with credibility but, whatever, name recognition.

Con: an uncanny propensity for said celebrity to say stupid s**t.

And speaking of which… hey, did you hear the one where Canadian rocker, Neil Young compared the Alberta oil sands development to Hiroshima and Nagasaki?

Here’s Canadian Broadcast Corporation commentator, Rex Murphy, taking Young to task for his callous stupidity and just being plain wrong-headed in his criticisms of the Fort McMurray project.

Murphy makes a point we’ve been screaming about for years: who better to drill, frack and mine for rare earths than us North Americans. For all the overheated rhetoric they’ve employed over the years, perhaps the greatest benefit the greenies have provided is to make straight shooters of the rest of us.

Dude, if we don’t get this mess cleaned up, Mom is going to absolutely flip out when she gets home.

Mom, you see, won’t be coming home any time soon, if at all, in places like China, Russia and far-flung and remote places in Africa where any semblance of environmental responsibility and humane working conditions are pretty-much non-existent if not simply unenforced.

Who’s has the technology and conscience to go after proven energy sources better than us (and our Canadian friends, of course)?

Fun ironic drilling fact: our struggling recovery has been propped up in a big way by that which our President has exhibited the most extreme hostility towards.

And despite his dunderheadedness, we’ve always loved Neil Young’s music so we will leave with a totally underrated gem from his 1989 album Freedom: “No More”.


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