Monday, January 20, 2014

What we and others have been tweeting



Seattle Seahawk stud cornerback and righteous smack-talker, Richard Sherman, was definitely ready for his close-up last night for America after the ‘hawks beat the Niners 23-17 in the NFC conference championship game.

Here’s Sherm after the game with Fox’s Erin Andrews:

Twitter and other social media outlets went bonkers almost immediately criticizing Sherman for his brashness and crassness.

Ummm…. You stick a microphone in Richard Sherman’s face right after an amazingly emotional roller coaster of a game and you are going to get Richard Sherman. America was apparently unaware of this phenomena.

All this really was reminisce of the whole Phil Robertson/Duck Dynasty kerfuffle of a few weeks back: wow… you think a rural, southern, evangelical Christian might not be down with gay marriage or homosexuality in general? Shocking.

And in the same vein, how absolutely boring would the NFL be if everyone gave interviews like Peyton Manning.


Diva much? And...?

And in terms of media freaking out...

Can’t help but think that many of the same people that decry the banalities and clich├ęs of your typical sports interview, were absolutely hammering Sherman for cutting against the grain and actually providing some entertainment.

We admire Peyton for his humility and down-to-earthedness, why can’t we like Richard Sherman for baring a personality that is in direct opposition to that?

And as the healthcare world turns… same ol’, same ol’…

Across the pond, England threw some hapless schmuck in jail for saying mean stuff on social media. Remember, gang, we can’t get too caught up in American exceptionalism – we need to look, also, to our European cousins for things like healthcare and not-so-free speech.

Oh, and then there was that awesome article from

Related: our feckless mainstream media…

Texas Governor Rick Perry told his citizens that pro-choice folks aren’t welcome in Texas. Naw… you knew we were pulling your leg. New York Governor, Andrew Cuomo on the other hand…

Damn. We forgot about the German Shepherd option

Our liberal/"progressive" friends are addicted to the cult of personality and refuse to acknowledge the following:

Selling a crappy law and the politics of weird:

Big #NSA speech on Friday by the President…

In case you haven’t been paying attention, the new church ladies and nanny-staters are on the left:

And, finally, ladies and gentlemen, the gift that keeps giving: our Vice President, Joe Biden:

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