Saturday, October 6, 2012

Free speech Saturday


One in a weekly series that features what's-happenings and goings-ons related to our cherished first amendment.

Alternate headline: What we've been tweeting

From this past Thursday:

Tweet: So, it's been precisely one week since they hauled in #Nakoula and uhhh... just thought I'd bring it up. No biggie.

The filmmaker of the alleged anti-Islam Youtube video that the administration has laughingly blamed for all the chaos in the Middle East was brought in by the authorities for alleged parole violations. It's over a week and, to our knowledge, no formal charges have been brought against him.

In fact, we googled "Nakoula" and the last reference to him was September 28. Today is October 6.

For an administration that has the power to detain, indefinitely, U.S. citizens without cause, please tell us why we shouldn't be suspicious of this black hole?

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K T Cat said...

Because you're a racist.