Monday, October 29, 2012

Photo image of the day and an observation or two


At last... we found the one Democrat willing to campaign on Obama's signature piece of legislation...

... in LaMesa Village yesterday...

The President is not making a mistake by not running on ObamaCare as he knows the sausage-making legislation of it and, indeed, the content of the law got completely bunged-up.

When that simpering idiot, Nancy Pelosi, told the world that they needed to pass the legislation in order to find out what's in it becomes the signature imagery of that legislation, you know you've got problems.

B-Daddy at The Liberator Today explains why it is that a second term, and specfically, ObamaCare are not good for the "liberal" brand.

ACA. The Affordable Care Act will continue to be an albatross around the Democratic party's collective neck. Time will reveal all of the sops to big insurance and big pharma that went into the bill. It will eat into the party's desired reputation as being against the excesses of big business. When your party is seen as the party of both Big Business and Big Government you are toast. Look at the 2006 Congressional elections and what happened to Republicans. Opinion polls had shifted and found the GOP to be seen as the party of big government in polls and they got shellacked.

ACA. Again, because you know in your heart that countless regulations embedded in the law will drive up the cost of health care and tarnish government with the same heartless image that is now enjoyed by the insurance companies. Being tied to the eventual demise of quality health care is not in the Democratic party's best interest. You would be better served by a repeal, after which you could propose a much simpler bill that prevented discrimination due to pre-existing conditions, guaranteed portability and subsidized insurance for those above the poverty line but still in lower income brackets. Even though I don't agree with this platform, it is guaranteed to be more popular than the ACA.

If not repealed, the Democrats will live with the negative impacts of ObamaCare for years to come.

Observation(s): We don't know how it is in your neighborhood but there has been an incredible dearth of front lawn political signage in this election cycle. We see a few state-wide proposition and San Diego mayoral lawn signs but have seen zero, repeat, zero presidential signage in a pretty solidly Democratic neighborhood which is quite a turnaround from the amount we saw in both the 2008 and even the 2004 campaign season.

What to make of the flap surrounding Madonna getting booed and being walked out on during a concert in which she encouraged fans to vote for Obama? Not much, we think. People go to concerts to listen to music and to escape the grind of everyday life, which at this time, every four years, means being bombarded with political ads and rhetoric. I'm sure the last thing even Democratic-leaning Madonna fans want to listen to is being preached at with respect to their vote of choice.



B-Daddy said...

Thanks for the link. Haven't seen any rebuttals to my posit that the ACA is damaging the Dems.

B-Daddy said...

Our neighborhood is replete with signs mostly for DeMaio, Bilbray and Plescia. But there are a fair number of Filner and No on 32 signs as well.

B-Daddy said...

As to the Presidential signage, my route home from Point Loma has a few Romney/Ryan signs (very cool logo) and zero Obama signs.