Tuesday, October 23, 2012

What others are saying about ObamaCare


Here's Anne Marie Valinoti writing an OpEd for the Wall St. Journal regarding the Electronic Medical Record mandate contained within ObamaCare:

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At first I thought EMR sounded like a good idea. Then our practice started using one.

Tasks that once took seconds to perform on paper now require multistepped points and clicks through a maze of menus. Checking patients into the office is an odyssey involving scanners and the collection of demographic data—their race, their preferred language, and so much more—required by Medicare to prove that we are achieving “meaningful use” of our EMR. What “meaningful use” means no one knows for sure, but our manual on how to achieve it is 150 pages long.

Valinioti frets she will be spending more time looking at a computer screen than listening to her patients.

Electronic Medical Records do indeed sound like a swell idea but once ObamaCare got involved it appears that the inherent efficiencies of EMRs could not stand on its own two feet as justification and instead the Affordable Care Act is turning them into a bureaucratic quagmire of check-the-box identity politics.

ObamaCare: ruining credible ideas one mouse click at a time.

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