Monday, October 15, 2012

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Like Flat Stanley, only better...

... Iron Fist's Hired Hand visits the Prescott Brewery Company.

Also, we couldn't go without mentioning fellow SLOB W.C. Varones got Instalanched for his post Rime of the Ancient Australian.

From the post:

"My wife doesn't like me talking about this. But I've lived under a dictatorship before. And that's exactly what you've got coming here," he finally confessed.

He couldn't have known that I was no Obama fan. Most people my age in this area were Obama voters. But once he had decided to tell his tale, he couldn't stop.

He talked of things with which I was quite familiar, but with which most of the public would not have been: Eric Holder and the Black Panthers, the White House asking people to inform on their dissident friends and neighbors, the Obama cult of personality, and the way the media were no longer watchdogs but open supporters of the regime

Check out the whole thing at the link.

For those that are thinking that this is a tad over-the-top or delusional, try taking yourself to a place where it was President George W. Bush that had signed legislation that gave himself the power to detain U.S. citizens indefinitely without cause or to carry out drone strikes against U.S. citizens overseas without traditionally-recognized due process, and which in the case of Anwar al-Awlaki and his teenage son, has already happened (bet you didn't know the son was killed in a separate drone strike, altogether).

And Cindy Sheehan and her set were camping out in a ditch somewhere outside of Crawford, TX because three bums were waterboarded. Got it.

Where are the outraged and aggrieved now? Seduced by a cult of personality and having their feeble minds inflicted with a case of un-democratic it's-OK-because-it's-our-guy-did-it tribalism, they have busied themselves decrying the tea party as extreme and have actually been seen lamenting the radicalization of the G.O.P., longing for the days of their ultimate tormentor, Ronald Reagan. Talk about your alternate universes.

As it stands, much of America is coming around to what many of us knew all along; Hopenchange was the ultimate con, the pitch-perfect sales campaign for one who was nothing more than another thuggish, two-bit Chicago pol.

After all the votes are tallied on November 6, we will either be celebrating victory or celebrating the 22nd amendment.


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Mostly Nothing said...

I actually worry that Obama people will want him to stay in office when his term is over. Some sort of emergency powers. In more than 200 years, the US has always had orderly civil changes in government. I worry that this administration will end that streak.