Sunday, April 7, 2013

What we've been Tweeting

So, the President got himself into a little hot water this past week while he was out here in California when he called California's Attorney General Kamala Harris the "best looking" AG. She is indeed a good-looking woman and we don't feel the President did anything necessarily wrong here. But we all know the drill, don't we?: if we are we are going to be held to politically correct, modern liberal standards with respect how it is we address and refer to women then we sure as hell are going to hold others to it as well.

And this isn't the first, nor even second or third time there has been some borderline sexist-appearing improprieties with this President and his administration.

But who knows? Maybe this objectification of a high-ranking state official may cause a sea change in people's attitudes. It won't be the first time the President has led the way in changing people's opinion on things.

Nope. The politically correct-thinking crowd won the day as the President apologized for a justifiable compliment to a woman.

And here is another heart-warming story involving our country's public education system and specifically to teachers bullying a young conservative student:

We're growing weary of the "isolated incident" defense as a) the high schooler in question, Benji Backer, has been repeatedly harrassed and bullied by multiple faculty members at this school and b) there is very much a culture, it appears, in our schools that is openly and vigorously hostile to anti-statist thinking.

The thin pro-union veneer during the Wisconsin public-employee pension reform debate that was scratched off revealing a virulent and often un-hinged anti-capitalist, class warfare mentality is evidence of this.

And like foreign aid to folks like the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, there are othere things that will not be effected by sequester cuts as our buddy JD points out:

Master satirist/humoruist Iowahawk gets in a dig at the food-stamps-are-an-economic-stimulus crowd:

Fisker is about to go belly-up? Of course, Fisker is about to go belly-up:

And the hits just keep coming for the Department of Energy's green loan program.

We used to follow baseball a lot more closely when we were younger and football (see: NFL) had not yet become a 12-month sport over which we could obssess. Having said that, there is a rhythm to things in life and it's good to see baseball back this week and it's also good to see MLB dropped the ridiculous idea of having two West Coast teams open up in Japan for a two game set a full week and a half before the rest of the teams' openers on the first Monday in April as happened last year.

Another RT for Iowahawk.

So true. So true. Yes, education is important but so is examining our national obsession with going to college, particularly, when going to college means "exploring", "finding yourself", "celebrating diversity" and evidently running up $80,000 in student loan debt with a sociology degree that lands you a plumb unpaid internship after 5 years at good ol' State U.

Look at it this way: we can never get ahold of our plumber as dude always seems to be in Hawai'i or Acupulco with his third wife. College isn't for everybody. Deal with it.

Plenty of people were pretty chapped that Google's home page decided to honor Cesar Chavez instead of the Son of God last Sunday. Peeps, be careful what you ask for...

The White House and its water-carriers in the press were furiously spinning Friday's horrible jobs news.

We realize there is politics to be played with this stuff but this is no longer politics rather, what planet are these people from?

OK, gang, that's it for now. We'll catch up with you later. Probably related to some good news related for some monks down in Louisiana.


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drozz said...

the context of my tweet was obama taking a 5% pay cut, and others in the regime following suit.

your interpretation works, tho'. like our president, the tweet is flexible.