Thursday, May 2, 2013

Sarah sez

One in a series where we take a look at some the zany, wacky and madcap things said by the former governor of Alaska.

The Governor was in Washington D.C. speaking at a benefit for the DC Volunteer Lawyers Project. Palin thanked those attorneys for volunteering their time to help women in crisis and expressed thanks for those helped reauthorize the Violence Against Women Act earlier this year.

Why is the work that DC VLP does so important? We'll let Palin explain:

Why do you think women who get raped, so many don’t report it? They don’t want to get raped again by the system. They don’t want to be put through what they had to be put through,”

(italics, ours)

Of course that wasn't Sarah Palin rather it was our very own walking, talking gaffe machine, Vice President Joe Biden.

Pro tip for everybody out there, particularly you men: Never, repeat, never ever, ever, ever compare anything to rape. So inappropriate. So wrong. Don't do it. Just freaking don't do it.

Please tell us, Joe, how it is we are to believe you think rape is the horribly devastating and degrading act it is when you make such a throw-away equivalency to bureaucratic indifference and incompetence?


"Jobbed", "Done in", "Let down" maybe even "screwed over" but... raped?

C'mon, man!

Incredibly, no one in the comment section called out Joey choo-choo for what we can only describe as crass, insensitive and clueless.

Does being a liberal Democrat give him cover for stupidity with respect to women's issues? Let us know if we are missing something, because as it is, we pray for the continued health of our President because this complete buffoon is a heartbeat away from the Oval Office.



Mostly Nothing said...

I can see that being a liberal Democrat would give him cover for this. It gives cover for every other stupid idea that comes out of their mouths.

Anonymous said...

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K T Cat said...

Helping women in crisis didn't seem to extend to, you know, like, women in the real crises of being chopped to bits by Gosnell and his minions.