Monday, May 20, 2013

What we and others have been tweeting

We're no longer calling what's gone down the past 2 weeks as "scandals", they are, in fact, crises.

Sorry, effectively chilling freedom of the press and having the most intrusive federal agency in the nation bully and intimidate organizations of a particular political hue gives the term "scandal" a bad name.

... and the hits just keep coming:

And to those who blame the IRS crisis on the Citizens United Supreme Court case:

The IRS targeted only small and medium-sized conservative/pro-life/tea party groups as they would not have the resources nor time and patience to stand up to the IRS.

And apparently it wasn't just those aforementioned groups getting worked over by the IRS:

And with all the congressional hearings and press conferences this past week, there was a single consistent theme:

Well, actually "I don't know" was the phrase used even more than "I can't remember."

Recalling the good ol' days when describing the President as cool and detached was meant as a compliment.

And in the name of being forever vigilant with respect to preserving our freedoms and liberties, Charles Cooke writing for National Review Online makes a great case for paranoia:

So, yeah, go ahead and release your inner conservative hipster:

So, what about all those wacky ideas for reforming the tax code, now?

Related: the IRS has not done themselves any favors with respect to us conspiracy theorists out there.

In regards to yesterday's Sunday talk shows there was a singular, consistent theme as well.

And just a reminder for the next time you hear the "Washington D.C. is hopelessly gridlocked" meme.

OK, gang, that's it for today. We'll catch ya later.



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