Monday, May 27, 2013

What we and others have been tweeting this past week


A round-up of news items, articles and colunmns that set us to Tweeting this past week.

This well-travelled line of defense for Team O means they are either lying through their teeth or are completely incompetent. Of course, we do realize that those are not two exclusive features of one another.


We're over the deference given to Ivy League schools. They've been dead to us for years.

The President's black audiences are growing tired of his lecturing tone?

It's just who he is and what he does.

On the Woolwich machete' murder this week:

Important foreign policy speech given by the President in which he clarified... nothing.

And Sebelius, ahem, requesting donations of Enroll America to get us all up to speed on ObamaCare?

Tiger Woods vs. Sergio Garcia?

On double standards:

In Congressional hearings, Holder said he recused himself in the case of his Department of Justice seizing the phone records of the AP. Further, he stated that he did not ever get involved with the seizure of media outlet communication records. Then... oopsie.

Why, yes, it certainly looks that way now doesn't it?

Majority of commenter pushback on stories featuring DOJ snooping on Fox News' James Rosen and IRS targeting of conservative/tea party groups appears to be based on the fact they just don't like Fox News and/or conservatives. There's been scant principled logic offered.

Some pop culture?

And now for the sad yet inevitable Woolwich aftermath:

And in totally related news, here stateside:

Lefty descendants of the 60s free-speech movement would appear to have gone off the rails a tad, no? This will probably be the greatest political irony of the last 50 years: that the politics of the New Left would morph into the politics of repression and abuse of one's political opposites via government bureaucracies.

OK, gang, that's it. We'll catch up with you all later.


Doo Doo Econ said...

I realize your comments on the college speech codes are enlightening the low information voters, but...

In the battle plan for insurgency, socialism always calls for equal rights and then shuts down the rights of opponents if they gain power. It is a standardized tactic to gain and power as a victim and then become totalitarian.

For the low information crowd, think Bane from Dark Knight Rises. He rallies "the people" in Occupy style and then begins show trial executions and totalitarianism.

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