Sunday, May 5, 2013

What we've been tweeting


A round-up of tweets and re-tweets regarding news stories, columns, articles and blog posts that caught our eye this past week.

Congressional hearings on Benghazi will re-open this week with testimony provided by survivors of the attack who have gone unheard and unseen since the terrorists attacks on the consulate last September 11th.

The Sunday talks shows being referred to are the ones in which ambassador to the U.N. Susan Rice was pushed out on stage and asked to pedal the lie that the attack on the consulate was the spontaneous reaction to a crappy allegedly anti-Muslim Youtube video that had been available for viewing for months.

Anyone that could rub two brain cells together, knew the party line from the administration was a lie. It was 9-11. And why was it Susan Davis instead of someone from the State Department out there as the public face of this disaster. Maybe the crappy YouTube video excuse was a bridge too far for even then-Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton.

And about those Benghazi survivors who will soon go from that status to "whistleblower" status this week?:

It's been nearly 8 months and we haven't heard from the survivors and crappy Youtube video guy is still in some hole somewhere for violating terms of his parole in the production of said crappy video. Yeah, right.

And with a nice re-tweet from @instapundit, we remind that the only person in custody and serving any time is the guy who was erroneously blamed by the administration for their dereliction of duty in responding in kind to the pleas for additional security at the consulate made by dead ambassador Christopher Stevens.

Four dead Americans and the highest office in the land tries to pin it on some petty criminal Cecil B. DeMille wanna-be. So sleazy. So corrupt. So Hopenchange.

On the strange fascination the left has for terrorists to the point that not only do they celebrate them, they tenure them.

We've ceased giving any sort of American institutional deference to the Ivy League schools and that which they produce. Two or three generations now of its graduates going to Wall Street and D.C. to do nothing but plunder this great country of ours. Screw'em. A stronger letter to follow.

And (gun) control of course and this odd subplot that arose over Kelly Ayotte (R-NH) and her voting against the Senate bill that went down in defeat a couple of weeks ago and the criticism she received from MSNBC for that vote because, after all... she's a woman and she should know better.

As a result, MSNBC talker in question has got a leg up on us:

Our nation's crazy Uncle Joe was at it again this week:

These haven't been your standard garden variety gaffes, however, they've been downright creepy.

And which prompted this largely rhetorical question:

And which also prompted this word of advice, free of charge:

More (gun) control: A Houston-area school cancelled an NRA-sponsored gun safety program after they found out the gun safety program was sponsored by the NRA.

(Gun) control advocates continue to beclown themselves at every turn.

The establishment left is in general freak-out mode over the potential of the Koch Brothers efforts to buy the bankrupt L.A. Times and we're finding out that it's so much easier to smear people when you remain ignorant or do not wish to acknowledge their actual political leanings.

This past Wednesday was May Day and you all know what that means, right?

Just ahead of another disappointing jobs report this week, the President who reserves for himself the right to wack U.S. citizens abroad without cause and without much due process, reminded us once again that he really, really wants to close Gitmo but unfortunately most of America really, really doesn't care.

OK, gang, that's it for today. We'll catch up with you tomorrow.


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