Tuesday, September 24, 2013


Some tweeted thoughts from us and others as Ted Cruz (R-TX) is in the middle of his not-quite-a-filibuster for the ostensible purpose of defunding ObamaCare and the related issue of a government shut-down if the President vetoes the spending bill sent to him by Congress.

And a Wendy Davis reference...

The hypocrisy is galling. This law is apparently so wonderful, everybody is lining up at the White House (including the very people who wrote the damn thing) to get out from under it.

Yet, precisely because ObamaCare is the man's "signature piece of legislation", there is no way in hell the President is going to sign legislation that defunds this horrible law.

And a thought for the week-kneed out there:

And speaking of which and which also remains one of our biggest "Sliding Doors" what-ifs of the past 20-30 years: what would this country and the GOP be like if it was Jack Kemp at the top of that '96 Presidential ticket instead of the other way around?

We believe he could've won and would've been successful in institutionalizing the Reagan legacy.


Kent Riehm said...

Although I may disagree with a "universal health care" system, I understand the liberal mind-set for such a system. I will lose the argument with those who believe in socialized medicine on principle alone, since my basis for disagreement is ideological. Instead, I lead with the question of why they want the scoundrels in charge when they so clearly distrust our lawmakers?

K T Cat said...

Thank God someone is standing up for rational spending limits.