Sunday, September 29, 2013

Video clip of the day

Saturday Night Live has long been considered a cultural weather vein in this country though perhaps its influence diminished over the years due to the rise of the internet, blogs and most recently social media (not too mention at-times spotty writing and mediocre casts).

Regardless, against the backdrop of the House of Representatives, at virtually the same time, voting to fund the government to avoid a shutdown while delaying for one year the implementation of ObamaCare, SNL devoted their opening sketch to the roll-out of the President's signature piece of legislation and definitely not in the most positive of lights.

Apologies, embed no workie so please to to YouTube page here

So, what do you think? A cultural shift or not?


Mostly Nothing said...

It is amazing that SNL would spoof a democrat. But when history is properly written, team O will be the worst administration ever, even the most died in the wool liberal has to see the failure after failure after failure of Obama.

I couldn't finish the skit. While it was better than the last skit f SNL I've watched, it still wasn't funny. It wasn't good.

dustydog said...

SNL is old, unhip and uncool. Among the Daily Show, Cartoon Network's Midnight Swim, and Netflix, no one watches SNL.

I defy anyone to say that they watched the skit live, instead of on youtube when someone else alerted them.

Conclusion: SNL has to stay on the reservation of politically correctness, to keep what little they have. They have no bargaining leverage with the network. Any jab by SNL is NBC approved.

So yes, the SNL skit means that NBC is testing public opinion on how much ObamaCare hate there is.

drozz said...

MN-when has history properly been written about leftist Presidents and their policies?

Wilson, FDR, etc?