Wednesday, September 18, 2013

What we and others have been tweeting

The Syria fallout, the perception that it took Vlad Putin to rescue the President's bacon and our reduced standing in the world...

And speaking of the extremists that are apparently running the Republican party...

Think about it: no one really gives this much thought or concern anymore. Obama has simply doubled down on every single dubious Bush program that was established for the ostensible purpose of combating terror and now it's just a ho-hum fact of life... but it's the tea partiers that are the wackos.

We will be asking the following on a regular basis:

Another red-zone fumble on Sunday for our Chargers' lead tailback...

The Chargers moved up to get this guy in the first round of the 2010 draft to be LaDanian Tomlinson's replacement. Going into his 4th year, he has busted off but one 30+ yarder... for his entire career. No explosiveness, no home run-hitting ability... all he does is fumble and get injured. Time to cut bait and move on.

As career shipbuilders, we found this tres cool:

That Putin Op-ed in the New York Times was something, huh?

Progressive family values:

When you lose the Washington Post...

For a straight news article it was about as cutting a take-down as we have read in quite some time.


Another question we will continue to ask:

You saw what happened there, didn't you. A few years back, the President said something along the lines of "Americans see themselves 'exceptional' just as Greeks see themselves as 'exceptional'" demonstrating he has no idea what the concept meant Then, in his speech last Tuesday, he used "American exceptionalism" as a justification for intervening kinda sorta in Syria. Weird, we know.

Fortunately, the President had some proxy defenders against that big meany Vlad Putin who referenced the term in his Op-Ed:

The Washington Navy Yard shooting... damn...

And in case anyone was wondering where our loyalties lay...

And then he goes and does something like this:

Why does he make it so hard?

Interesting choice of words to describe what's happening all over the country in response to having to comply with ObamaCare:

OK, gang, that's it for now. Ciao!


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