Wednesday, September 4, 2013

What we and others have been tweeting...

... regarding this whole sorry-ass Syria mess.

We want to start off by saying we are not reflexively opposed to military intervention in Syria. Assad is a bad dude and anything we can do to reduce the planet's population of bad dudes, we are generally in favor of.

The trick however with Syria is the people who want to topple Assad contain among them also bad dudes... very, very bad dudes of the Islamist variety. Perhaps you have heard of them. While there are certainly secular liberals in the rebel ranks, their saner, rational approach to things gets rather overwhelmed in, literally, the heat of battle. Blood-thirsty jihadists tend to have that effect on people.

We appear, then, not to have learned anything from our involvement in either Libya and Egypt that are in varying degrees of chaos at the moment precisely because the "good guys" of the rebel movement didn't have the juice to influence things to more peaceful and democratic ends.


Now, as recently as this past Friday evening, the President was prepared to go it alone and by alone we mean with France. Word around the campfire has it that the President had a change of heart after British Parliament's stinging rebuke to PM David Cameron's support of the war on Thursday ending any hope of help in this endeavor from our closest ally.

Obama informed congressional leaders late Friday/early Saturday that he would seek Congressional approval before doing anything in Syria. And unlike delays he applies to laws that he himself wanted to see passed, he and the Veep promptly hit the links.

David Cameron was tres bummed and tweeted that he understood Obama's position on Syria. We were left wondering, however:

What the President has wanted to do from a brass tacks details standpoint has to this very moment not been revealed.

Of course, some people were wondering why Congress was waiting for the President to call them back to session to grant him authorization for doing something military-like in Syria.

Secretary of State, John Kerry went on the Sunday talkies to try to convince a skeptical electorate of the righteousness of the cause and kind of made a mess of things:

No one, however, seemed to be very impressed with the President's sudden change of heart to go to Congress:

At least, the President had some bi-partisan support. Unfortunately, for him, it was this bi-partisan support:

Yesterday, Kerry and Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel went to the Hill for a hearing in order to gin up support for the war effort and failed miserably.

Complete incoherency.

Such was the randomness and non-sensicalness of the reasons Hagel and Kerry were throwing out there as justifications for going to war in Syria it started resembling Cards Against The World:

Ahd while we heard one thing, others in our trusted MSM we heard another:

This morning the meme for those itching for war was that it was the patriotic thing to do. No lie:

And over in Europe earlier today, the President had the cajones to try to distance himself from the "red line" comment he had made last August:

Yeah, blame everybody else but yourself:

And look how far progressive ideology has come in just a few years. Forward!

At the end of the day, gang, remember this:

We're out of here!

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