Thursday, December 15, 2011

Got Tebow?


Our blog-buddy Harrison over at Capitol Commentary gives his take on the Tim Tebow phenomena. He's not a big fan of Tebowing though he uses solid Scripturally-based logic to make his case.

In his post, he called us out specifically for our thoughts on the matter for which we obliged. The following is our edited-up comment:

We have zero issues with Tebow and his Tebowing. In reality, sports figures have been Tebowing and praising God in interviews for years now.

A confluence of circumstances have led to this: an overtly spiritual young man (who actually appears to walk the talk) and absolutely the most improbable, absurd, and fun! sports runs that we have ever witnessed. These week-after-week Indiana Jones-like cliff hangers defy all logic and conventional wisdom.

If Tebow remained buried at #4 on the depth chart, all this, of course, would be a non-issue. But head coach John Fox and general manager, John Elway bowed to popular pressure knowing that there was no way in hell heck that this Heisman Trophy winner with the atrocious mechanics and unconventional style would succeed in the NFL: Put him out there, watch him flail, bench him for good and get on with business. Well, well, well.

Early in the run, it was priceless to see Elway up in the luxury box gritting his teeth and grimacing as if to say, "Damn Dang, this kid is actually going to pull this thing out, again."

Our advise to opposing players (and for everyone else out there) who take issue with Tebow getting too Jesus-y: Keep him and his Bronco teammates out of the endzone in the last two minutes of the game and in overtime which appears to be the only time the Broncos score.

Full disclosure: We are Charger fans… but still can’t help but having our ever-lovin’ brains blown away by this guy’s performances every week.

P.S. Tebow was mic’ed up for last week’s game against the Bears. When he was praying during the game-winning field goal, he was essentially desiring to give glory to God win OR lose.

Now, this might not represent the most noble logic but another reason why we're just enjoying the heck out of this ride is, of course, because Tebow is cheezing off all the right people.

Here's liberal tool, Bill Press, illustrating perfectly, our point.

For those of you in Placentia, California, "S-T-F-U" translates to "Shut the f#@k up".

Just some more of that new civility we've been hearing so much about.

And for Press to become so exorcised and agitated over someone who merely plays professional football and is of absolutely zero consequence to Press's life, we won't have to waste a whole lot of time wondering who is the real disgrace and embarrassment here.


Doo Doo Econ said...

I have to point our the national audience that makes this phenom possible. It is my contention that the public is looking for inspiration more than fact or even charisma. They want to believe in a better future.

This blinds many people to the actions of men like Obama, but also makes leaders like Washington and Reagan possible.

Due to this, Rick Perry wins the Fox debate simply for having the political vision to appeal to Tebowleivers.

SarahB said...

Anything to help push Bill Press closer to the ledge works for me.

Negocios Loucos said...

It's really pathetic that people think that some supreme being is paying attention to a football game. I mean let's say the Christian god is god, is Tebow saying that he's praying that god will help him win? And if god doesn't help him win what does that mean? Was god working on something else? Was he to busy saving say a starving child in Africa to help him win? And if he did spend time helping him win then did a starving kid in Africa die because he can't pay enough attention?

There's a bit of absurd arrogance in thinking that God is paying attention to a football game. And if you think about it, if some god has the power to do all this stuff then why the hell do so many bad things happen?

Doo Doo Econ said...

No one, including Tebow, believe God is picking sides. The point people are making is to try to be on God's side, then anything is possible.

That is THE core American belief, separate from all Religion. When people believe God/Environmentalism/etc is on their side, they are justified in any evil action. In God We Trust (on our money) or Praise Be To God (top of Washington monument), make the point to pursue truth and justice and it is the American way.

Dean said...

NL, thanks for chiming in on this.

I think an aspect people who find themselves uneasy about this may be overlooking is culture.

This is simply Tim Tebow's culture. He's probably been Tebowing since he was a young kid. To think he is going to change now is a stretch.

To wit, I am keeping track of where public figures like Bill Press stand on this debate so I can properly score them when the inevitable moment of a Muslim player breaking out his prayer mat on the sidelines goes down.

Harrison said...

I think it's funny how his name has 'bow' in it. Imagine if his last name was 'Dick' and people turned that into a verb.

Shikamaru Nara said...

SHUT THE FUCK YOURSELF UP DEAN or who ever post it.... u just jealous becuz he better you!

Final Fantasy XIV Gil said...

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