Thursday, December 15, 2011



Max's top 10 countdown continues...

Alright you crazy kids of craft, let’s get right down to the
nitty-gritty. I am at the tail end of my favorite beers of all time.
Let’s recap: Jolly Pumpkin Oro de Calabaza, Hitichino XH, Moonlight
Reality Czech, Delirium Tremmens, Ballast Point Victory at Sea,
Ballast Point Sculpin IPA, Pizza Port OB Cho Saiko, St. Louis Grand
Fond Tradition… and now, for the ninth and final before the final
final… we have… the beer that introduced me to good beer!


This beer would never be in my top 10 favorite beers of all time
other than the fact that this represents the beer that brought me into
the community. This is MY ‘gateway beer!’ I KNOW! Now you all know
the secret behind the madness. You know the man behind the curtain.
You know Franziskaner is the beer that brought me to you.

Franziskaner is a 5% ABV hefe that features heavy clove. By clove, I
mean banana. It is a nutritiously delicious beer that brightens your
life with citrus and delightfulness. Do you all remember when I asked
you what a good breakfast beer was? This is the epitome of a GREAT
breakfast beer. This is the reason that you wake up in the morning.

OK. So I know a lot of you think that throwing a lemon/orange in
your beer makes it taste like delicious. WRONG!!! The way to do it
is to SQUEEZE the lemon into your beer and set the lemon to the side.
The reason for this is that the acid doesn’t overwhelm your beer when
you simply squeeze it into the beer. OK. Now you know. And as GI
Joe says, "knowing is half the battle".

Next week I will unveil it. Maybe. My FAVORITE BEER OF ALL
Maybe. Tell me yours. I’m curious.

Until next time my beer-loving brethren, have a beer for me.

(ed. note: our favorite beer... Hmmmmm... gonna need to chew on that for a while. And do some refresher research. Can't let something this important be left strictly from memory.)


B-Daddy said...

Have to agree on the whole lemon squeeze play in the hefe. I have always been very careful to only get a taste of the juice in the beer. Not having tried Franziksaner, I would have to say my favorite German beer is Paulaner Salvator, a very tasty, almost fruity doppelbock. No need to add lemon to that fine lager.

SarahB said...

I'll have to put some of this in hubby's stocking...he likes a beer with honey or fruit notes (I'm sure I've just butchered the way you are supposed to say that).