Friday, December 23, 2011

#OWS: Succeeding where the tea party could not...


...though succeeding in ways they did not anticipate.

The City of Los Angeles reportedly faces millions of dollars in expenses brought about by the Occupy LA movement.

City agencies have been ordered to calculate what was spent on the Occupy LA protests.

Repairs to City Hall’s lawn where the Occupy group set up camp on Oct. 1 will require an estimated $400,000. The police action to clear out the encampment on Nov. 30 cost more than $700,000.

Additional expenses are attributed to hauling away debris from the camp, and cleaning up graffiti that defaced City Hall marble walls and trees.

Mayor Villaraigosa says more budget cuts will be necessary to offset the costs.

(emphasis, ours)

This is just too rich: Statist Occupiers are the cause of budget cuts to statist big government, ultimately succeeding in curtailing the very thing for which they are occupying: the expansion of government power.

/taking a second look at the Occupy movement?



K T Cat said...

Mayor Villaraigosa is a racist.

Anonymous said...

I don't understand why they won't bring civil action against them. They have enough names. Haul them into court. Dad

SarahB said...

As Leslie has said from day one...let em dig their own grave.