Monday, March 29, 2010

Coming to a dinner table near you

Whether you like it or not.

That Caesar salad you're about to eat? It's 800 calories, and that's without the croutons. The fettuccine Alfredo? A whopping 1,220 calories. You may choose to ignore the numbers, but soon it's going to be tough to deny you saw them.

A requirement tucked into the nation's massive health-care bill will make calorie counts impossible for thousands of restaurants to hide and difficult for consumers to ignore.

More than 200,000 fast-food and other chain restaurants will have to include calorie counts on menus, menu boards, and even drive-through eateries.

The new law, which applies to any restaurant with 20 or more locations, directs the Food and Drug Administration to create a new national standard for menu labeling. The FDA has one year to draw up regulations, which would likely take effect a year or two after that.

What a ridiculous provision in a completely non-sensical law. Seriously, if you are ordering up the rib-eye and the baked potato (loaded) and washing that back with a couple-three Stone IPAs at the Riviera Club are you doing any calorie counting? Probably not.

It just speaks to the awfulness of ObamaCare that there is not a single part of your life that, if they cannot control, will certainly aspire to nagging you into submission.


B-Daddy said...

The Nanny State cometh and she is lookin' more and more like this bitch.

Harrison said...

I don't think people are fat because of too many Caesar salads.