Sunday, February 27, 2011

We're assuming they do have indoor plumbing

Leslie of Temple of Mut and Dawn Wildman of Southern California Tax Revolt Coalition are representing at the American Policy Summit at the Phoenix Convention Center which apparently is not "hot" so Leslie has resorted to phoning-in reports.

Some notes:

- Rep. Joe Barton (R-TX) did not get the warm reception he thought he was going to receive when he attempted to tout the $61 billion in cuts after the House Republicans were promising $80 billion of the same. Lusty booing ensues.

- Freshman Congressman David Schweirkert (R-AZ) received a warm reception, apologized for this broken campaign promise of sorts and railed against raising the debt ceiling.

- Walter Hudson of Fightin' Words was on hand to speak as well. Though topics of discussion and coordination efforts ran far and wide, Leslie reported that conference attendees were focused and engaged in the goings on in Wisconsin.

H/T: Our cell phone, Leslie's cell phone, a boosted felt tip pin and an empty back page of our road atlas.

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