Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Guess who?

“I didn’t leave the Democratic Party, the Party left me”

- Ronald Reagan

If you follow politics much, you’ve probably read a bit about how over the past few years, one of America’s two major political parties have been taken over by extreme and radical elements that are threatening to relegate said party to rump party status appealing only to like-minded voters in specific pockets of the country.

We happen to agree with this assessment. We'll provide you with one such example of this type of extremism:


Exit question(s): if 9% of GDP being invested in infrastructure is good, why stop there? Wouldn't 10, 11... 15% be even better?

That’s right, gang. It’s the patron saint of the #OWS movement, Massachusetts senate hopeful and apparent Sino-file, Elizabeth Warren. And guess what else? She has been granted a prime-time speaking spot at the Democratic National Convention later on this month.

Warren joins other Sino-files like New York Times columnist, Thomas Friedman and our own Secretary of Transportation, Ray LaHood, in their love for a one-party, authoritarian state while never cluing into the realities of our relatively far-more advanced/complete infrastructure system as compared to that of China’s and China’s immense pool of cheap labor from which they can draw.

But who cares about all that when you can frame supposed Chinese superiority against old and busted statist rhetoric for repairing... bridges!

Recall it was Warren who was using the "you didn't build that" routine in Massachusetts well before the President road-tested it on the national stage nearly a month ago.

The beating he continues to take for it makes one wonder just who it is that made the decision to grant Warren a coveted spot right ahead of Bill Clinton at the convention. What played in the bluest of blue in the Northeast and made Warren a progressive darling but got hammered out here in the rest of the hustings ought to have been a hint to convention organizers.

But don't let us stop them from playing the class-warrior angle on the national stage because if they can't talk about any of their actual accomplishments, a continual drift to the left as dictated by the hard-edged ideology of their party's leader is all they've got.


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