Thursday, August 23, 2012

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After thinking that the Democratic Party ticket of Barack Obama and Joe Biden had no campaign strategy as there is no way in hell they were going to run on their record, it appears things have changed

The Democrats have seized upon Republican candidate for Senate for Missouri, Todd Akin and his insipid remarks on rape and will turn their national convention into an Abortion-fest.

From the Washington Examiner:

With an eye on Rep. Todd Akin's "legitimate rape" comments and the GOP's mad dash away from the sinking Missouri Senate candidate, the Democrats are turning their upcoming presidential convention into a pro-choice assault on the Republicans with the help of major abortion supporters.

Just as the Akin crisis was reaching a crescendo, the Democrats on Wednesday announced that three starlets of the pro-choice movement will be featured at the convention, an event that will now drive the liberal charge that the Republicans are anti-women.

Democrats said that they will feature Cecile Richards, president of the Planned Parent Action Fund, Nancy Keenan, president of the NARAL Pro-Choice America and Sandra Fluke, the Georgetown University student whose plea for federal birth control funding drew the ire--and a subsequent apology--from Rush Limbaugh.

What's more, the Democrats are expanding their list of women ready to assail the GOP on women's issue, adding Maryland Sen. Barbara Mikulski and actress Eva Longoria to the list that already includes Sen. John Kerry and Massachusetts Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren.

Democrats led by party chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz believe that the Akin controversy--and his refusal to leave the Missouri Senate race--has revived their chances of winning a majority of women in the presidential race, key to re-electing President Obama. On Wednesday, for example, the party turned their homepage over to the affair with the headline: "The GOP is dangerously wrong for women." And with a devilish move, they included pictures of Mitt Romney, running mate Paul Ryan and Akin.

We'd like to add that NARAL is dangerously deadly for the unborn.

To the Democrats, though: good luck with that strategy.

Abortion never polls very high on the list of priorities when it comes to Presidential elections and it may not even be a blip on the radar considering the rampant unemployment, exploding deficits and the anemic GDP growth of this election cycle

But forget the general populace for a moment: is this strategy even going to work with women? We know an awful lot of women out there that are in charge of their family's finances and an awful lot of single women that collectively just might be a tad more concerned with their own job prospects and that of their husbands' and the fate of the economy than any fear-mongering as practiced by the Democrats with respect to their reproductive rights.

Its a good bet that many of these women remember the two-term Presidency of a social conservative, George Bush, who had Republican majorities for 6 years in those two terms and they might also remember that there was no real weakening of abortion "rights".

Along with that is the pander factor. Here's Barka Herman explaining (h/t: KT:

I own my own business, travel and entertain a lot, have many hobbies that I don't always get enough time for, and am considering writing a memoir. I donate money and time to causes I believe in. Birth control has never occupied more than one percent of my time ever in my life. I suspect the actual lifetime number is much lower than that.

So what is up with the entire birth control debate? Am I just a walking vagina? Is this insulting just to me or others?

We can totally see how many woman would feel demeaned by the politicization of one of their body parts. Excuse us: the cheap, crass politicization of one of their body parts.

Oh, almost forgot...

Our Tweet:

In order to drive the point home, the #Dems should prematurely terminate their convention on the 3rd and final day. #trimesters


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drozz said...

if there ever was a time i wished that ted kennedy was alive, it would be this dnc convention.

clinton will do.