Tuesday, August 21, 2012

How do we know they have nothing to run on?


They've more or less said so.

Here's former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright speaking at a campaign rally in Colorado and really making the case for Team O's track record:

Now, she may have been speaking tongue-and-cheek but the enthusiasm exhibited by the crowd certainly suggests, "Hell yeah, we've got nothing to run on. Let's keep blaming Bush."

Bush Derangement Syndrome: more and more evidence like witnessed above surfaces that shows the possibility that BDS may simply be incurable.

How do we know they have nothing to run on (Pt. II)?

Because Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner said so:

Back in February, Treasury Secretary, Timothy Geithner was responding to questions raised by House Budget Committee Chairman, Paul Ryan, and specifically what the broadly outlined Obama budget made public via an Obama speech was going to do with respect to our long-term debt problem. Geithner's response:

“We’re not coming before you to say we have a definitive solution to that long-term problem. What we do know is we don’t like yours (Ryan's budget proposal.)”

Everything you need to know about the shameless cynicism, small-mindedness and lack of seriousness possessed by this administration is summed up in that quote. But you better get used to it because that quote will represent the emotional and intellectual rigor behind everything else you will hear from now until November.

The depth and extent of the aforementioned unseriousness we wrote about above earlier this spring is frightening if not totally beyond description.

They have nothing to run on so they continue to blame Bush. They have no plan other than savaging yours.

A supposed strength of Team O back at the beginning of the administration was it's "competence". Seriously? Is the campaign they have been running suggest they collectively have anything resembling competence?

They had trouble finding anybody for their top Cabinet positions that didn't have tax problems. And before that, the President, the smartest man in the room in his first big decision as a would-be President chose as his running mate, the person "one heart-beat away", not just a loose-cannon but as he has proven over and over again during the course of his political career, a certifiable wack job. That's the guy whom Obama thought would be a prudent and wise choice for a running mate. He built that.

And when the economic fortunes of this country did not turn around despite promises to the contrary with the continuation of the Bush-era TARP bailout, the Chrysler and General Motors bailouts and the $800 billion American Recovery Act (Porkulus), we were told that the underlying problems were "worse than assumed". Got it. We have the smartest kids in the room from Christine Romer and Timothy Geithner to Peter Orszag and Larry Summers, Ivy Leaguers all, and all they can summon is a feeble "shit's worse than we thought, man" before beating it back to academia and Wall Street.

That's competence?

A cabinet that can't keep its yapper shut with respect to the details of the killing of bin Laden.

A president that gives cover to his BFF, Eric Holder, by on one hand extending executive privilege to details surrounding the highly successful federal gun-running scheme, Fast and Furious, but on the other hand, claiming he knew nothing about it.

And let's not forget that both the President and Holder in pushing for a civilian trial for terrorist master-mind KSM, reassured the country that even if KSM were acquitted, he would never see the light of day. Huh?

An administration whose Department of Energy green loan program that is more kiss-of-death than the job-creator and green energy innovator they promised it would be such is the number of companies that have gone bankrupt resulting in the laying off of thousands of workers and the loss of billions of tax-payer dollars. And we're supposed to be horrified of Romney's record while at Bain Capital.

Please stop us at any time, if anything you are reading here resembles "competence".

If the media were playing this straight-up Romney/Ryan would be up 10 right now and cruising. But they aren't which is the only, the only reason this thing is as close as it is.

No time for weak knees, now. Let's keep driving. November's right around the corner.

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K T Cat said...

I love the "Forward" banner behind her. It looks like it was made by 4th graders. That's about right considering her total lack of responsibility.