Tuesday, August 7, 2012

What the heck are we talking about?

So, we wrote:

"urge", "ask", "consider", "reconsider"... I get the feeling their actual intent is perhaps a bit stronger than their stated words.

Check out the old man at 2:28 who seems to be thinking: "What a crock of #hit".

And let's not forget Ezra Levant who was hauled before a human rights commission court up there in Canada for having the temerity to re-print the Dutch Mohammed cartoons in his publication.

I forget the details but there is also preacher up there that can no longer say anything about homosexuals from the pulpit as he ran afoul of that same human rights court commission system.

I don't really know why people don't think the same thing can happen here given how sensible and rational I've always been told our neighbors to the north are.

That was our comment left at KT's place where his post, here, will make it all clear once read (or maybe not).

And then in the same comment thread, there was this from Secular Apostate:

Well, not to worry.

In the spirit of Carbon Offsets, we now have Chicken Offsets. If you're gay and just can't live without your Spicy Chicken CoolWrap, you can buy offsets that will contribute to gay causes. It's kind of like the sacrament of Confession, except without the sacrament, a confession, or the priest. Just money.

(link to SA's place was broken. Sorry.)

And in totally related news, Negocious Loucos blogging at WC Varones suggested that if you are truly committed to your cause, you should be packing a score card:

1.Do you bank at BofA, Chase, Citi, Goldman, or any of the big Wall Street firms? If yes, have you checked the moral record of their CEOs? What’s worse, having a religious belief based on thousands of years of practice that generally has steered people on the path of goodness OR actively participating in the theft and destruction of peoples' hard earned wealth, and the annihilation of the middle class, for their own personal gain?

2.Do you know the opinions of all the CEOs of all the manufacturers and service providers that you patronize? If no then WHY NOT?!? What you need the MSM to make an opinion for you? If the CEO doesn't make the NYTimes then he must be good, must be a good liberal, right???

3.If Chick Fil A is not actually discriminating against anyone and we’re only dealing with a religious comment, and donations, made by one of the corporation’s employees, do you actually think it is the place of government to break zoning law by somehow restricting them from opening a new store at an area they are zoning-wise allowed to locate at? What would happen if the government did the same thing against a different store say for something that you believed in? Say a CEO of Wendy's claimed to support Santa Claus and you LOVE Santa. Then the City of Chicago decides to ban Wendy's because of Santa's hurtful image to those who do not celebrate Christmas, would you have a problem with that? Oh but that's absurd? Oh the government would never do that because it's your government?

Disclaimer: I support gay marriage, I just support the First Amendment more.

Over/Under on how many more of these lame culture war dust-ups we are going to have before the election in November? We'll set the line at 3.


drozz said...

I'll take the over. We haven't heard the last of Fluke. I also predict an election day sideshow with voter ID barkered by the Rev Al.

Negocios Loucos said...

Yeah lame culture war dust-up, I totally agree with you. I commended on JDA's blog that this whole thing is done on purpose so we don't pay attention to how badly our overlords are managing everything else. I predict we'll have another Obama born in Keyna uproar. (I actually believe he was but at this point I don't care) A large soda revolt like in NYC and obviously a global warming brew-ha after this years crop goes bad.

What talk of out of control spending, military support for terrorists, government sponsorship of drug killers in Mexico, the loss of religious freedom in Obamacare, and all the executive orders that bypass Congress and destroy our liberty......nah, not important. Let's protest the desire of 2 like sexed people to be recognized. That's what's important.

I actually really hope Romney wins so that we can feel good about protesting war again.....