Saturday, November 10, 2012

Doing our part for the country


While the rest of the nation remains in a state of rancorous political divide, we here at BwD will be doing our part to put the past behind us and do our part for bipartisan healing and advancing the President's agenda. To that end, we have provided a link, here, where our readers can get a sneak peek at the form they will be required to fill out to prove their compliance with the President's signature legislation, the Affordable Care Act, or ObamaCare.

On this form you will be asked what type of insurance plan you have and for what months (yep, all 12 of them) you have been covered. Qualifying plans must include necessary preventive coverage such as contraception, abortion, and hair loss treatment. Everybody will be required to fill out this form. Everybody. Well, everybody except incarcerated criminals, illegal immigrants and the Amish. If you do not fall into one of these 3 categories, you may apply for a waiver with the Department of Health and Human Services. Consult with your registered lobbyist in D.C. before doing so, we recommend.

If you don't qualify for that waiver but still can't afford to purchase health care insurance, be prepared to cough up $695 (single), $1390 (family with two persons) or $2,085 (family with 3 or more persons) per year for every year you don't have healthcare coverage.

It's becoming more and more apparent, isn't it, just how expensive voting for free stuff can actually be?


SarahB said...

Than you for your your service to your fellow Americans. Sharing.

B-Daddy said...

Hey, but it's not a tax, the President said so. Just because it's enforced by the IRS and you have to pay along side your income tax doesn't make it a tax. But wait, John Roberts said it was a tax. But then the President denied it was a tax, again.

What a bunch of buffoonery. Chipping away at freedom, one IRS form at a time.