Tuesday, November 13, 2012

It's almost here... Can you feel the excitement?


The President was re-elected and the Democrats picked up seats in the Senate so, for the time being, at least, ObamaCare is here to stay and with that, to paraphrase legendary college basketball coach, Bobby Knight, we all may as well lay back and enjoy it. What will we be enjoying come Jan. 1st 2014? Let’s take a look.

ObamaCare by the numbers:

- 1.79 The dollar amount per hour per employee ObamaCare will additionally cost an employer to cover a full-time employee.

- 0.98 The dollar amount per hour that is the tax/penalty the employer will have to pay if he chooses not to cover his employee.

- 247 billion The dollar amount less that hospitals will have to care for the seniors because of future cuts made to Medicare in order to fund ObamaCare.

- 3.8 The percentage amount in taxes you will be charged on financial transactions like selling your home, small business, and stocks or bonds. This becomes effective at the turn of this calendar year.

- 71 billion The annual dollar amount the government estimates it will cost to fund bureaucrats to administer ObamaCare by 2020.

Bonus round:

- 25 million The hit that breast imaging device maker, Boston-based, Hologic will take next year because of the medical device tax that was contained within ObamaCare.

The rate at which the regulations are now being churned out and the more and more figures like the abover are revealed would justify probably doing a post a day on the new healthcare law. We won't do that to you, however, we feel duty bound as always to keep you up to date with the latest developments regarding this horribly flawed legislation.


Doo Doo Econ said...

Finally a Bobby Knight mention! 8)

K T Cat said...

Here's the best part of all: The government is getting into the insurance business and will compete with private insurers! Pace the private insurers who supported this toad, we'll quote Lando Calrissian, "This deal just keeps getting worse all the time!"

Dean said...

KT, with respect to banging on the private insurers who supported this deal: "You're either at the table or you're on the menu."

Mid-October 2008: It was either Paulson or Bernanke, maybe both, gathered together with 8 of the largest financial institutions in the country where they were informed that no one was leaving that room unless they agreed to taking some bailout dollars. Wells Fargo didn't need the bailout. They took it anyway. No way the powers that be could let anyone know someone had their house in order. When critical mass is reached, sometimes there are just no other options.

K T Cat said...

A link, with video, is on the way in a post scheduled for later today.