Thursday, November 15, 2012

Political cartoon of the day...


... from the best, Michael Ramirez:

We don't make it a habit of banging on the American electorate as a whole in this blog. Overt criticism of the electoral decisions of our fellow Americans has never sat well with us. It makes us feel… well, it makes us feel like these whiny, petulant, 3 yr. old-acting secessionists that have sprung up overnight since last Tuesday night. (We may have more on that later but for the time being, please crawl back into the whole from whence you came)

Without having seen the cartoon, we tweeted something earlier this week along the lines of “We’ve been told that the GOP got beat on “messaging”. But how do you competed against “free stuff”". And just yesterday, again, without having seen the cartoon we tweeted: “We’ve been told GOP needs a freedom and liberty-centric message. Perhaps but election proved nation into shiny things-centric message."

That a President presiding over the worst economy in decades while making hash of the Constitution via his actions both here and abroad could campaign essentially on Big Bird and making sure a middle-aged Georgetown law student got free rubbers speaks to a combination of his amazing campaign skills and, quite frankly, a nation that has completely lost its bearings. You can talk internals, ground games, over-eager Republican pollsters and pundits all you want but there is just no other way to explain how in the end this was not really that close of a race, certainly not as close as some (formerly) respected people were calling it.

Did this represent the war cry of the baby-boomers, our most spoiled generation, riding off into a Social Security back-lit setting sun? Was this their way of leading from the front, electorally speaking, and telling the rest of us that, “Hell yeah! You can have yours and the person’s next to you”?

Or maybe it is the inevitable result of decades upon decades of an education system that holds on a pedestal “diversity” and dares not speak of American Exceptionalism let alone the basic virtues of property rights, free speech, free markets and the rule of law.

Perhaps we should also be looking at the 4th estate. That they have not come after, in the most forceful manner possible, a Commander-in-Chief that holds the completely incongruent positions of wanting to try foreign terrorist master-minds in civilian court yet has no problem wacking U.S. civilians overseas via drone strikes is a white-flagged signal that they’ve packed it in and thus have no interest in performing the essential duties that the press must in a viable republic.

There is plenty of blame to go around but suffice to say the long march of statism through our nation’s institutions culminated, against all rational reasoning to the contrary, in a win for President Obama last Tuesday night.



Anonymous said...

You have got to hate the phrase, "the worst economic economy since the great depression"

Has anyone seen photos of people standing in lines all day for food during that time? To compare is not reasonable.

Now, in the worst economic times since the great depression, there are still malls open, people going to the movies, buying groceries...etc. No one starving or malnurished, just having to cut back on excess a bit, whah, no cable, no HDTV, no fast food.

What a bunch of pansies we have become.

And we shouldn't call us Baby Boomers, but "Greeksters" since we are headed on the Greek path.

.......bunch of friggin pansy-assed whining free-loaders.

Just sayin,


B-Daddy said...

Nice post. Love the cartoon. It shouldn't have been close, I agree. Also agree that the secessionist nonsense needs to cease immediately. I think that too many who voted for Obama don't understand that he stands for something antithetical to their deeply held beliefs, their cherished freedom. To 'Dawg's point, I guess things haven't gotten bad enough for folks to pay attention yet.

K T Cat said...

There is no longer a free press, but a collection of sycophants and political groupies.

Anonymous said...

my take: according to hotair, 8M white voters stayed home, it could have made the difference in every single swing state. Romney's choice of a vp was horrible. It sent the wrong message. He already had the white collar vote, he needed to offset Biden's appeal to unions and blue collar workers, which Ryan did not. Don't get me wrong, for the Republicans, this was a very winnable election. The candidate lost it, not the people.

oscaronlineshop said...

There is no longer a free press

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