Wednesday, November 14, 2007

I Got Mine!

You gotta love it when one of the world’s richest men doesn’t want you to leave too much money behind for your children. Article here reports out on Warren Buffet being in support of the estate tax, the repealing of which is something being bandied about in Congress right now.

Proponents of the estate tax reason that wealth passed down to the next generation unearned is an anathema to democracy and contributes to a widening gap between the haves and have nots. Here’s the chairman of Berkshire Hathaway Inc. himself going all poli-sci on us:

"Dynastic wealth, the enemy of a meritocracy, is on the rise. Equality of opportunity has been on the decline. A progressive and meaningful estate tax is needed to curb the movement of a democracy toward plutocracy."

Uhhh… whatever. You can dress-up that pig any which way you want but its still just a pig and all that flowery verbage can’t disguise the fact that this “death tax” is just a good ol’ fashioned government money grab. Again, any pro-active attempt by the government to take it upon itself to redistribute wealth in the name equality, justice, income gap, democracy… whatever, is pure folly.

And it hits even closer to home because this “progressive” program was mainly responsible for the O’Malley family, the model of stability and dignity as sports franchise owners, selling our beloved Dodgers to Rupert Murdoch and the Fox empire back in the 90s and which has not coincidentally resulted in over a decade of mediocrity and irrelevance. So screw you, Warren.

We’ll credit Buffett for being perhaps the most unpretentious multi-billionaire in the greater Omaha, Nebraska area but it represents the height of gall for someone who can play “what’s a few hundred million dollars between friends?” opining on the financial legacy we wish to leave our children.


Anonymous said...

Warren also commented from his villa in the Carmel area that he was opposed to Prop 13 saying everyone should be willing to pay their fair share. I remember very vividly the wild tax increases that I would have had to pay if Prop 13 had not rolled our taxes back. My tax payments would have been close to two thirds of my mortgage payment. And most of the taxing agencies had surpluses. I certainly could have never retired in CA.
Saw a list of the richest a few years ago and there was very little old money on the list. Dad

Dean said...

Prop 13? Weren't children and the sick and lame all being thrown out onto the street if that passed?

I saw a comparable list a few years back which was compared to similar lists from decades previous and to your point, Daddy-O, it showed "new money" on the rise and the gradual fading of "old money".