Friday, December 18, 2009

Enemies of our enemies or something...

Obama’s left flank is in full rebellion over the healthcare bill as they have just recently figured out that all the compromises have made the legislation a “sell-out”. And to be specific, what they are having the most heartburn over is the fact that they will be forced to purchase a service from a private entity – individual mandates – a feature of Obamacare that we have been all over from the get-go.

Hey, lefties…we’ve saved a seat for you all down here at the bar. Grab a beer with us when you get done venting.

Markos Moulitsas, he of the liberal Daily Kos on individual mandates:

“My take is that it’s unconscionable to force people to buy a product from a private insurer that enjoys sanctioned monopoly status,” says Moulitsas. “It’d be like forcing everyone to attend baseball games, but instead of watching the Yankees, they were forced to watch the Kansas City Royals. Or Washington Nationals. It would effectively be a tax — and a huge one — paid directly to a private industry.”

The Royals? The Nationals? Now, that would be cruel and unusual punishment.

Alas, ‘Kos as representative of the rest of his crowd, comes to the right conclusion for the wrong reason (to use his example, even if the Yankees are your favorite team, why should you be forced to watch them). He isn’t against individual mandates, per se, or as a matter of principal, he’s against individual mandates that are decoupled from the public option. In ‘Kos World, individual mandates are fine as long as the government option is in play and where an individual isn’t forced to sign up with an evil private insurer, only.

Of course, this reasoning is totally lacking in principle as the individual mandate, public option or not, is the antithesis of freedom of choice (something we are told is cherished by this country’s liberal-Left) and most likely unconstitutional.

Think about it: the federal government is forcing you to purchase a product produced by a private, for-profit entity. No amount of alliteration can free one from the wrongness of that scenario.

Be that as it may, we welcome a temporary partnership with our statist friends of whom do not find the satisfactory amount of statism in Obamacare.

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B-Daddy said...

Great post. Lack of principle on the left? Say it isn't so. Actually, the only principles they espouse are at the kindergarten level; private companies - bad, government - good. What morons, the government of the United States has at times been a powerful force for both good and evil. Same is true of the private sector. It requires adherence to fundamental moral principles to discern the difference.
Waiting for KT to chime in here.