Monday, April 5, 2010

Quote of the Day

Declaring repeal to be “impossible” is a self-fulfilling prophecy of American decline. A slapdash pile of graft and fraudulent cost projections, passed by a fantastically corrupt Congress that claims it couldn’t hear the muffled screams of the outraged electorate through the thick doors of their smoke-filled rooms, instantly becomes an eternal component of our lives? That will only be true if we make it true… and even then, it won’t be true for long.

That from Doc Zero who also brings up a good if obvious point about ObamaCare: if everyone knows politicians are sleaze merchants, why in god's name would any sensible person put them in charge of their individual health care?

It is quite simply the most illogical piece of legislation enacted in our lifetime. You could argue to the contrary but you would be wrong.

Already, though, Republicans in Congress are showing they don't have the stomach for this fight. Shame. We'll do it without them.


K T Cat said...

10-year Treasuries are poised to break 4% today despite a weak economy and no inflation. The race is on! Can we repeal ObamaCare before mathematics and the market repeal the whole rotten edifice of fiscally insane compassion?

SarahB said...

EXACTLY!!!! The Senate Minority Leader is already showing he doesn't have the balls for this battle. The term Republican is getting harder and harder to stomach. Guess they would rather be at s&m shows.