Saturday, April 2, 2011


A round-up of news items, articles, columns and blog posts that caught our eye this past week.

Our blog-buddy Harrison test drove a 2011 Smart Electric Car recently. For what he is describing, we would only be willing to pay half the sticker of $46,000, if that.

God put oil in the ground for many reasons. Accelerating and then safely merging into traffic at 65+ would be one of those reasons and this particular death trap does not accommodate that "amenity". Read about it here.

Michelle Malkin has a great wrap-up on the massive federally-funded eff-up on the border known as Project Gunrunner, here. Our previous posts on the subject can be found here and here.

The President, in an inteview with Univision, claims he knew nothing about Project Gunrunner and we believe him. After all, even an administration this incompetent would want to shield the boss from a plan this asinine.

Full disclosure: it appears this scheme to let guns "walk" back across the border was actually hatched back during the Bush administration. Natch. As Obama morphs more and more into W why would this come as any big surprise?

A study from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce claims that green projects in California could bring in 140,000 jobs and $60 billion to the economy annually. Unfortunately, these green jobs in solar and wind turbines among others are stalled by, wait for it... the green regulatory regime.


"We have hundreds of laws with thousands of provisions, all of which can stop a project," said William Kovacs, the U.S. chamber's senior vice president of environment, technology and regulatory affairs. "As you delay these projects, you put them at economic risk."

And this:

"You have to be careful to not cast aside 40 years of environmental law in the name of short-term economic gain," said Christine Hersey, a solar analyst at Wedbush Securities.

The statists have granted themselves enough rope by which to hang themselves. Unfortunately, when it comes to developing new energy sources and coping with rising energy costs, we're all swinging together.

Via Patterico:

Yes, it's clearly a photo-shop but it sums up perfectly what we've been saying all along about the hypocrisy inherent to ObamaCare supporters and the sentiment expressed on the top half of the sign just being a hollow justification to kill the unborn.

And how's that whole Great Society thing working out for ya?

"Detroit is a classic example of how a culture that was legendary for enterprise and innovation was slowly eroded by toxic politicization from the 1960s on," says the Rev. Robert A. Sirico, president of the Michigan-based Acton Institute. "It's been class warfare on steroids, and the inevitable result is that so many Detroiters who had the means—black and white—have fled the city."

No slick yet rambling and non-sensical Super Bowl commercial is going to save Detroit.

More =

As a candidate, Obama defined his approach as the opposite of everything Bush. Whatever the issue, Obama would be the photographic negative. But as president, Obama’s foreign policy has been slowly evolving toward the views of his predecessor. Obama’s pride will not allow him to admit it. His rhetorical imprecision obscures it. But behind the fog is the Bush Doctrine.

Remember back in the day, we were told that if women were in charge of things, their inherent pragmatism would ensure we would not get entangled in unnecessary and messy military adventures overseas?

So we have 3 choices:

a) Obama really is a neo-con in sheep's clothing.

b) Libya is a distraction from everything else going on currently, chiefly the aforementioned Project Gunrunner debacle for which people should hang.


c) he was nagged into action in Libya by three women: Hillary Clinton, Samantha Power and Susan Rice.

Take your pick.

OK, gang. That's it for now. We may check back in later before or after Final Four festivities



B-Daddy said...

On your multiple choice question, I pick D. All of the above.

There is reason to believe all are true.

Road Dawg said...

It was a busy week, but I took the time to go back and read from last week.

Serious bravery was shown by Veena Malik.

And the video taking down the hoop made my blood boil.

Great memories created at Joshua Tree!

Harrison said...

"Green" jobs in Spain were so expensive they sucked jobs away from other sectors. So for every 1 "green" job created you lost 2 others. Great.