Sunday, April 10, 2011

Warming up...

Covering a sputtering economy, high un-employment numbers, rising gas prices, a still-uncertain housing market and a 3rd war is, like, so yesterday so it's good to see the press start falling in line with respect to how they are going to cover the 2012 presidential election.

This week President Obama replied to a man who told the president that he is hard-pressed to buy gasoline for his van that he ought to trade it in for a new car with better mileage. Obama assured him he’d probably get a great deal these days—from GM, Ford, or Chrysler, he added. The Associated Press first reported this incident and then scrubbed it from its story; most of the media did not care about it at all, because Obama is awesome.

Some might be tempted to shrug this off as an anecdote about a clueless ruler and his palace-guard press, unsympathetic to people clinging to their vans and religion. But we all occasionally say silly things—we’re only human, not sort of a deity—and it would be unfair to equate the president’s response with Marie Antoinette’s “let them eat cake” remark, because Marie Antoinette did not actually say that.

You can read more about Marie Antoinette here, if you care, but the real concern is that of the present and the future and a pliant 4th estate that for reasons inexplicable continues to provide cover for an administration that is mired in over-its-head incompetence.

(UPDATE #1): The video doesn't lie. Here's the ladies of PJTV on our lecturer-in-chief and his energy policy that apparently consists entirely upon buying cars no one wants nor can afford.

He just doesn't get out much, now does he?

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SarahB said...

LMAO...the Marie Antoinette quote is priceless.