Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Suppose that'll teach them from trying to go tax-exempt

Knowing that Baghdad Jim McDermott (D-WA) was going to weigh in on the IRS crisis, you know you were in for some good stuff.


Rep. Jim McDermott (D-WA) offered a bizarre defense of the IRS's behavior at a House Ways and Means hearing on Tuesday morning, amounting to an attack on the Tea Party and conservative organizations present as potential money-launderers seeking a tax break from the government, not the exercise of their basic rights.

Shorter McDermott: You know, none of this would've happened to you if you didn't attempt to go tax-exempt*

This is unreal. This represents precisely why people are so freaked out over the IRS targeting crisis. That a long-tenured and powerful Congressmen can't see the fundamental wrongness of what he said represents a decadent corruptness that is now part and parcel to our federal government.

Don't get distracted by what McDermott was saying specific to tea party groups seeking tax exempt status; the larger point McDermott was making is that because tea party and other conservative groups dared to participate in the political process, they absolutely had it coming to them. And, yes, seeking to ease one's tax burden is as American as apple pie.

Please note that McDermott is actually confessing to wrong-doing by the IRS but guesss what? So what? As Marco Rubio stated flatly a few weeks ago, these are the words and deeds of a failed third world banana republic yet its happening right here in America: an elected congressman is telling the people who he works for that being targeted and harassed via endless bureaucracy and needlessly invasive questioning is now par for the course for the political opposites of the engrained statist/collectivist culture of the political class.

McDermott and other apologists for the IRS are bullies and thugs and their employment in their current positions needs to be terminated at the earliest possible moment as their championing of a culture of corruption and intimidation does not bode well for the continuing health of this Republic.

* How is it that OFA (Organizing for Action/America), ostensibly the sprawling and well-heeled former Obama campaign apparatus, is seeking the same tax exempt status as these local Mom and Pop organizations? We're sure the irony of progressive/statist groups campaigning/lobbying to raise everyone's taxes seeking tax-exempt status is not lost on you.

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