Wednesday, December 4, 2013

What we and others have been tweeting


Thanksgiving may be over but we're still thankful...

The regime decided to "dump" latest ObamaCare delay on the day before Thanksgiving, the most heavily travelled day of the year. Probably not a hot idea:

B-Daddy with a bit of snark:

Some things are just better left undone:

Had plenty of characters left... forgot to add "kill lists"


And further related: Because of what has transpired over the past 5 years, we scarcely know what "liberalism" means anymore. As far as we can tell, at least partially, it means that the government can force you to give money to a private for-profit entity. That definitely was not a platform plank prior to 2009.

We haven't dug into this nearly as much as we should:

Whining about the anti-social aspect of social media has become a near-cottage industry because...


Yeah. We missed the end of that epic Alabama-Auburn game and had to settle for the hi-lights owing to a DVR screw-up. Lesson learned.

This whole #Movember thing has got pretty absurd:

In case you missed our defense of presidential term limits:


And where we noticed some similarities:

Feds considering allowing cell phone calls on flights. Not so sure that's a good thing:

More ObamaCare's-loudest-supporters-want-nothing-to-do-with-it:

Tis the season:

The regime has themselves a kiddie korps:

When you believe you are the smartest kids in the room and that your s**t doesn't stink, you don't really think things through.

#MSM just now getting around to doing their job:

It's not "un-needed" "un-wanted" nor "un-necessary"... it's "comprehensive":

Chew on this:

Was following a Twitter thread when I was informed that U.S. Navy protection of shipping lanes was a subsidization of the world's oil market/prices:

Same thread claimed that other people paying for someone else's birth control was a right:


Society somehow responsible for covering everyone's birth control:

So, you're telling us they didn't? Damn.

If we're living in a post-American world how about some movie ideas:

A reminder from this country's big dawg:

And lastly...

A lot of fulminating from our conservative brethren that we don't understand. The NFL wisely rejected the feds overtures that they play patsies for ObamaCare and they have wisely steered clear of another hot button issue. Why would the NFL play with that particular potato?

Hasta la bye-bye...

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