Friday, April 15, 2011

Beautiful flowers

A few years ago, there was a flower shop down the street from the casa which was our go-to source for hooking it up for dates, dinner hostesses, house warming parties and the like. It was our go-to not necessarily because of the quality or price of the bouquets, though entirely adequate on both counts, but rather because it seemed to be a revolving door of absolutely drop-dead gorgeous Russian and Ukranian girls that worked there.

There would be one or two at the most working for 4-6 weeks at a time and then bang!, they'd be gone only to be replaced by other steppe betties. Unfortunately, there were always one or two shaved-head bruisers hovering about that always disincentivized any conversation we hoped to strike up even accounting for the language barrier.

The story we did get was that the shop was tied-in to a Russian Orthodox church in the Lake Murray neighborhood which was sponsoring these girls who migrated here to the States. There was no real reason to doubt this but, good Lord... every single one of these girls was a complete knock-out.

Alas, the shop closed up some time ago but this CNN clip on trafficking reminded us of that shop, the young ladies and perhaps if we should've been a little bit more nosy.

An Army of Davids, the power of the internet and the power of simply getting involved.

H/T: Hot Air (go to the link if embed no worky)


K T Cat said...

I saw the post and wondered if you'd ventured into photoblogging ...


tigerlily said...

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