Wednesday, April 13, 2011

We were warned

Years ago, B-Daddy warned us of the legal and Constitutional hazards of Presidential war-making and the prosecution of terrorism above and beyond that of the consent of Congress.

The Congress refuses to assert its authority, so no one has standing to take this constitutional issue to the supreme court. If the Republicans were serious about their reading of the constitution at the start of the term, they would be holding hearings and holding up spending on this war until the President complied with the law.

This was the topic of discussion in a panel including Andrew Napolitano and Nick Gillespie last night regarding our current military adventure in Libya, the road paved by George W. Bush and the man currently behind the wheel barreling down that road, Barack Obama.

Check out The Liberator Today, here, for more.

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tigerlily said...

B-Daddy is a visionary.